Time to move?

You can only really know what it feels like to climb the walls out of boredom when you’ve been self-isolating. When you’re in lockdown, there really is not much scope to leave the house.

So, do something exciting with it! Move your furniture around!

If you’re sat in the living room now, look up from your screen and think about:

  • Where you’d have the sofa if it wasn’t where it is now?
  • How does your living room layout compare to that of others?
  • Has it been the same since the day you moved in?

I’m not saying that every living, dining or bedroom can be re-arranged but sometimes even moving just one item can make a room, and its occupants, feel better.

Most of the time, furniture can be lifted or shifted without much hassle but it’s a good idea to get an extra pair of hands. If you’ve got a locked down teenager or partner who’s self-isolating themselves away from any and every DIY job you can think of right now, rope them in to help.


We’re often called out to dismantle furniture and rebuild it in new rooms for our customers.   Not only does this re-purpose the room but also the furniture in it.


I can think of just a few benefits from doing this:

  • Moving around is exercise
  • The exercise AND the new layout can make you feel productive
  • It takes you away from watching re-runs of Homes Under the Hammer (I love re-runs of Homes Under the Hammer)
  • It can give you a sense of achievement when finished
  • It can inspire you with more home ideas
  • It’s something to do
  • It’s an opportunity for a clear out of anything you don’t need
  • It’s worth seeing the look of confusion on the families faces every time they walk into the room and forget it’s been re-arranged.

Sometimes, getting rid and replacing can help but occasionally, just a different way of looking at something, can be enough to help.



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