Welcome to the Kent page!  

I'd like to introduce you to your Kent based technicians: Steve, Drew, Jake, Les and Dan.

We cover all areas of Kent, sometimes working in pairs, all of our team members are friendly, approachable and won't eat all of your biscuits!

Meet Drew

Drew loves lego and singing while he works.   He's really good at lego.

Meet Steve

The owner of Kent Flat Pack who will always be on hand to assist the rest of the team with building furniture.

Meet Jake

Jake can build a desk and cut your hair! Not at the same time but he's good at both.

Meet Dan

Also a qualified carpenter, Dan's attention to detail is second to none.

COVID-19 Update:

To comply with Government instructions, we have taken the step to reschedule all bookings for the rest of March until mid-April.

Our online booking system for both regions will only let customers place bookings after 14th April at this time but these bookings will be subject to review as per Government Instruction.

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