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A few weeks ago, we had four weeks worth of bookings cancelled or put on hold.  Our technicians had no bookings at all!   While I felt terrible, most of our customers were absolutely fine with this and we all knew it was the right decision.

One customer offered to pay in full, in advance for her booking even though she knew it may not be for some time.  

Thankfully, because of the way we work here, cashflow isn’t an immediate difficulty but I really appreciated the offer.


It gave me an idea that could be useful for other businesses. Whether it’s paying the cleaner, assembling furniture, getting your hair cut, paying your personal trainer, nail technician or whatever service we may have cancelled;  we had planned to pay them this month but due to lockdown, we’re keeping that money but they’re (we’re) losing out albeit temporarily.


So I built into my website a gift voucher purchasing feature where people can buy any amount of vouchers (effectively paying in advance) for their service and then offset what they’ve already paid against the booking when it’s finally completed.


I get that not everybody is able to do so but, if we are still holding on to that £35 for next month, would it be a good idea to offer to pay that business in advance for the service you would’ve had?

How would it help your business if a customer offered to do this?


It could be that if a handful of people did this, it could be enough to pay their fixed overheads for this month and maybe even the next.  I’ve pre-paid one of my contractors and the dog groomer for next month already.


JOB OPPORTUNITIES.   Maria and I are currently putting together a team of people who are looking for a part time position delivering leaflets for us door to door in all areas of Kent.   This will obviously only start when the Government Instruction has changed. There are more details on our jobs page (here) for anybody who may be looking or know anybody who is.



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