Blanca Tall Shelving – From NEXT


When you imagine a bookshelf, it’s easy to think of a straightforward, four sided, equally spaced shelving unit that will quickly get filled with books.


With its quirky open top with deliberately randomly spaced shelves, the ‘Blanca Tall Shelving’ takes away the expected, obvious look of that practical piece of storage in the living room.

With spacious, deep shelves, this piece comes in a matt white finish and the weighty feel to it, really adds that strong and robust feel.  It comes with chrome effect feet which are an optional fitting.

When assembling this unit, we found that the components were not labelled as one would expect however, they were easily distinguishable from the instructions.  This didn’t cause a problem for our technician but, for anybody putting together one of these units for themselves, you may find a tape measure and pencil handy to make a note on the hidden side of each part before assembling.

Top tip:

As with any shelving unit that allows, fit any shelves above eye level, upside down.    With the Blanca, the structure of the piece is not affected when you fit these three (fixed) shelves in this way.   So when you’re sat on the sofa later and looking up at your new shelf unit, you’ll not have to look at fixings but will see just pure white surfaces that won’t detract from whatever you’ve dressed the unit with.

We’d recommend the Blanca Tall Shelving for any living room, dining room or hallway where you don’t particularly need storage, but more of a focal point that breaks a big wall and creates a homely feel at the same time.

Dimensions: H188cm x W77cm x D33cm

A full range of shelving units can be found on the next website here.


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