‘Mix It’ By John Lewis.


There’s nearly always a wasted bit of space on the top of the wardrobe that’s either too high to store things on or, if reached, could collect clutter.

With the floor to ceiling ‘Mix-It’ wardrobes from the John Lewis bedroom furniture collection, you can have a shelf or two above the clothes rail…and even have space down below for a handy drawer or two.


Available in a White gloss finish or matt Grey, the neutral colours suit any bedroom and the internal storage options seem endless.  I guess that’s where the name ‘Mix-it’ comes from.

A bugbear here at KFP is when some suppliers (who shall not be named), don’t include indication marks for door handles but, John Lewis give a combination of markers on the door ready for pre-drilling which gives the client the option of how and where they’d like the handles.

At 58cm deep and just over 2 metres high, there’s more than enough space to fill without having to cram everything in.

Build time on average is around 60-75 minutes for our team to build this unit (dependant on number of drawers and shelves) and while we didn’t need the instructions, we did have a look and found them to be clear and accurate to the furniture we were building recently.

Packaging:  Again, another bugbear is when suppliers fill the boxes with too much unnecessary polystyrene.  John Lewis have packed the parts to this wardrobe in a way that all they needed was a protective border of the stuff all around the wood so protect it with just a few pieces inside.    Despite the cardboard box being damaged by the courier, the wood inside was all in perfect condition.

Have a look on our portfolio page for a short video of this piece of furniture being assembled.

Here’s a link to the item on the John Lewis website here.


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