‘HEMNES’ Bed from IKEA


Beds take up so much space in a room so it’s always good when you get to build one that has pull out drawers underneath.

The HEMNES bed from Ikea is perfect for a kids bedroom because of its size, its look and of course, the full length optional pull out drawers underneath.

The bed is made from a lacquer painted pine wood and is strong enough for a child to teenager.


Available in White Satin or Black/Brown, the bed will match most colour themes in most bedrooms.  It takes around 45 minutes to assemble and comes in three boxes.  We found the instructions easy to follow but that’s perhaps because there were so few parts to the bed, it would be easy to work out which bit goes where simply from looking at a photo of the finished product.

From the IKEA website, the bed averages around £175 and comes with a selection of slatted base types.

If you’re buying a single bed, the chances are that it’s for a small room.  If it is, I’d say opt for the pull out drawers at the same time.  There’s a lot of space under there and with drawers fitted, less space for the kids toys to get lost under.


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