The Corona Collection.


Rustic and modern at the same time, the Corona Collection includes a large variety of furniture items for every room in the house.  We’ve built desks, dressing tables, dining tables, coffee tables, a bed, a triple wardrobe and bedside tables over the past few months.


When assembled, it’s easy to forget that they’re made from simply from a waxed pine.  Giving a similar effect to that of solid oak.  When you fill a room with this furniture, you get a modern yet rustic and homely look and feel.  Sturdy and robust, this real wood furniture can last for years, can be painted to any colour and for us, seems to be one of the most versatile brands out there.

Another plus point when building an entire room of Corona is that the fixings are pretty much the same across the whole range.  This means that once you get going on one piece, the rest becomes familiar fairly quickly to the person assembling.

As we’re so conscious of our environmental footprint, we also judge an item by the amount of packaging that comes with it.   The Corona does have a fair amount of this which can be inconvenient to the customer when disposing of it.  To be fair, it is mainly recyclable waste and furthermore, we’ve not yet found a component that’s been damaged so they must be doing something right.


Corona furniture starts from around £35 upwards and can be found in most furniture shops or even online.


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