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Steve Gibbs - Kent FlatPack
Steve Gibbs - Kent FlatPack
Kent Flatpack

I’m Steve, owner of Kent Flat Pack Ltd

I’ve been asked a few times “Is flatpack assembly really a thing?”

To be honest, I never dream it would be until around four years ago. Helping some heavily pregnant friends move into their new home, I spent the entire day unpacking endless boxes of flatpack furniture for them before assembling their wardrobes, cot and beds. They were so thankful and couldn’t believe how quickly it had all been assembled.

One Facebook post from these lovely people thanking me for my work resulted in an influx of requests to do the same for others. I very quickly realised I had better get myself my own toolkit if I wanted to help these friends of friends with their furniture.

I had always wanted my own business but never knew what that would be.

A year later, things were not letting up. Never wanting to say no, I knew I had to find a way to clone myself to assemble more and more furniture. Cloning was going to take time so, I decided to recruit a second ‘Steve’ to share the workload.

Fast forward to 2019 and we were just as busy assembling wardrobes, tables, beds, and it was time to take on a couple more staff. Did that. Lockdown struck. We had to halt everything that night.

With a couple of days of limbo and waiting for the powers that be to tell us what work could be permitted, I set to work on diversifying the business slightly. Instead of indoor furniture, we would focus solely on summer houses, sheds, sun loungers, climbing frames, trampolines and anything else for outdoor use. All the videos from the previous year were rebranded and uploaded to the website and within days, the bookings were coming in for all outdoor work!

These days, we are happily assembling both, indoor and outdoor flatpack items and without restriction. If we could get through that with no Government help, we would get through anything.

Time to move things up a gear, I was still assembling, invoicing, advertising, assembling more, driving, bookkeeping and so many other tasks. We took on our first digital marketing guys called Will and Simon who have been fantastic with the branding of the business.

This business started off as a way of helping a couple of friends and then some more friends.

I always see the recruiting of a new installer as providing a new opportunity for them and every booking we take, as a problem we can solve.

I’m proud to say that over the years, we have been able to provide employment opportunities for over 80 installers across the UK who we work closely with to make sure our customers are left with well-assembled items and pleasurable experience.

I’m quite happy about that.